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Edson Barboza Landed One Of The Greatest Spinning Shit KOs Of All Time 10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, Terry Etim took a chance against Edson Barboza and risked getting KNOCKED OUT!!!!

Undoubtedly one of my favorite knockouts and Joe Rogan calls in UFC history, this Edson Barboza wheel kick is nothing short of legendary in this sport. Every UFC fan ever has seen it, it plays in the company's intro videos/highlight reels constantly, and honestly - it should. I think I could watch it 1000 more times and it'd never get old. Barboza's speed/precision/timing is just glorious.

This KO is so iconic some even say Barboza changed the game with it....

I certainly wouldn't argue. Love watching Edson Barboza fight to this day - absolute warrior in that octagon.

Here's the wildest spinning finishes in UFC history....

P.S. I wonder how Terry Etim/other fighters in his position (Ben Askren) feel about their worst moments becoming legendary highlights in the sport's history. That's gotta suck. I mean look at that thumbnail up there. Damn.