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Brad Underwood Wants Illinois Fans To Hit Up Happy Hour And Get A Little Drunk Before Tonight's Game Against Michigan

Someone get Carl an ice cold Miller Lite now. Why wait until Happy Hour? Your coach wants you to partake in a little bit of fun before a rivalry game? You better show up and be willing to get loud. You better be toeing the line of tipsy and drunk, which is the perfect place for this sort of game. We know there's animosity because these two teams have talked shit to each other plenty. 

8pm local time tip tonight? Buddy, you better be sitting at a bar for hours before hand. Illinois is on my bucket list of places I want to go. I love when Illinois is good. It always reminds me of this 2005 game, which is burned into my memory. 

I just want places like that to be good at basketball. Same goes for Wake! They broke back out the tie dye nation for the game against Duke. Why did that ever go away? Wake used to have one of the best home courts in the country. Now, I get they, you know, stunk for years. But I wish they still had that with zombie nation like the mid-2000s. Lawrence Joel was always one of my favorite places to go catch a game whether it was Rodney Rodgers, Tim Duncan, Randolph Childress or the Chris Paul/Justin Gray teams. 

All I know is if your head coach wants you a little lubed up for a game, you get lubed up. Rules are rules. This is just another reason I have always liked Brad Underwood too. He's willing to get into it with other coaches. He doesn't necessarily hold back. He's a damn good coach too. So Illinois, I want to turn on the TV tonight and hear the announcers talk about the crowd. Need it.