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I Can't Believe Euphoria Tried To Steal 'Dirty Work' Right From Under Tony Soprano's Feet

So I guess for those of you that don't live under a rock Euphoria came back for it's 2nd season last Sunday after basically a good 2 and a half years off. It's QUITE the interesting show and I happened to tune into all of Season 1 and with that goes tuning into Season 2 as well due to my never-ending need of television to watch. Between that and Righteous Gemstones it was one hell of a Sunday to get some of my shows back in the rotation. 

Euphoria kicked off with a fucking BANG as we got introduced to Charmaine Bucco masquerading as one of the main character Fez's grandma in a flashback which led to a fucking wild opening present day scene of Fez (current drug dealer), his brother, and Zendaya's main character all at a drug deal gone TERRIBLY when I say wrong I mean just absurdly wrong. 

Now I had just gotten around to watching this episode yesterday. For the last few days I've been wondering why the HELL have I been seeing random youngin's on instagram posting lyrics to the Tony Soprano anthem 'Dirty Work' by Steely Dan? Even our very own Jordyn Woodruff joined the cause. No disrespect to Jordyn Woodruff but I don't think she's a Sopranos stan. Something had to be up.

And up it was! As that previously mentioned drug deal gone bad finally remotely calmed down we heard the Tony anthem begin in the background. Even after the ridiculousness and suspense of a crazy scene including a lot of guns and checking for wires, the only thing I could think about was our one true king mindlessly driving & singing along to this banger on a New Jersey street as the FBI so intently trying to break into his house. I'm sorry, but Dirty Work belongs to Tony. And I feel SO strongly about that that Dirty Work was even my song pick during Dog Walk's Sopranos draft!

What's gonna happen next- Some other HBO show is gonna start wearing tracksuits and talking gabagool? I fucking hope not. This better have been the final straw. Also shout. out to that girl calling it out on TikTok. Queen.