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Mizzou Coach Eli Drinkwitz Pulled Up to a High School in a Dump Truck to Recruit a 4-Star Offensive Lineman

With college football season officially over, coaches are able to visit recruits in-person again leading up to National Signing Day — I guess it's still technically called that — in February. And Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz did not waste a single second pulling out all the stops for one of his offensive line commits and another target.

When a large portion of your job is making 16- and 17-year-olds think you're cool, you have to be willing to do things like roll up to the front door of a high school in a dump truck. Cayden Green, the 2023 lineman mentioned in the above tweet, is the No. 68 overall player in his class. You do whatever you possibly can to get a guy like that on campus.

It's no Kirby Smart helicopter landing at the 50-yard line, but that's not Mizzou football. When you show up to Lee's Summit, Missouri, you come with your blue collar shirt and lunch pail ready to go to work.

Ok, that is pretty sick, though. I guess having a budget for a Recruit-a-Copter is probably part of the reason those guys just won the national title.