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Bill Walton Was Attempting To Talk About Transfers, Instead Spent The Broadcast Explaining Tinder To Dave Pasch

Goddamn it feels good to have Bill back in our lives. For some reason he was buried on the Pac-12 Network far too long, especially since roughly 12 people get that channel. Now the shocking thing is both him and Dave Pasch fully understood Tinder. I did not expect that. Frankly, people should have Bill Walton help them out with Tinder. Imagine the lines he'd send first? Impossible not to get responses if you let Walton ramble some messages. I'd assume he'll talk about the beauty of Eugene, Oregon or the Grand Canyon. 

Let me talk about the game real quick here now. This summed up exactly what I've been trying to say about UCLA since before the season started. I never bought them as a top-5 team. I just don't. They were overhyped coming into the year because of a run as one of the last teams in the NCAA Tournament. When you watched them they were bailed out a ton by Johnny Juzang, great player, but that's not sustainable. They have one notable win so far this year. Nova, at home. Even that game felt like they stole it late with foul calls. Are they good? For sure. No one is arguing that. But the immediate reaction to them being top-5 was and is wrong. The only place they are ranked in the top-10 is, well, the AP poll and we know that thing stinks. 

Also they got lucky to send that game to OT. This was one of the worst passes when you consider moment and time I've seen in a long time. 

It just felt right to be up late on a Thursday with Bill Walton rambling to me. I never understand people who don't like him. I say it all the time. Analysts need to be one of two things. 1) Entertaining or 2) Teach me something new about the game/teams. Walton is for sure the first. Rambling on stories, talking about Tinder, barking. I don't need him to explain why Oregon runs an amoeba zone. It's late, I get it. Just ramble man.