This Is Why BYU Players Shouldn't Be Allowed To Try And Talk Shit

Earlier this week, Mormon Larry Bird decided to attempt to talk shit. Frankly, I was shocked. I didn't know BYU players were allowed to talk shit. I figured it was in their Honor Code. I'm thinking maybe they should add it because, well, this is what happens. 

You get 110 points scored on you and Gonzaga twitter using your quote. I watched this game, let me tell you. BYU had absolutely no chance. It's not like they played bad in the first half. They just had 0 chance to ever stop Gonzaga. It was impressive. It didn't matter who it was for Gonzaga. If you went on the floor, you ended up scoring. It was that simple. 

It's also not exactly a surprise. I've been harping a lot about this week and casual fans starting to watch, etc. It's what happens. But at the same time this is when people start the Gonzaga argument. Folks, Gonzaga is good. In fact the WCC is good. It's not this JV conference we were so used to in years past. They are going to be a 1 seed. They are going to be a threat to win it all. 

Going back to Caleb Lohner here, gotta admit the fact he went back to 'it's going to be fun' is peak BYU. You can't just say anything bad. You gotta throw in the it's going to be fun. Maybe we'll be allowed to have some juice after the game. No soda, of course.