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The NHL Rulebook Doesn't Say Anything About Whacking Your Brother In The Nuts, So Matthew Tkachuk Took Full Advantage

There aren't many times when I'll come out and applaud NHL refs for getting something right. More often than not, we're complaining about things they got wrong. But this moment in last night's game between the Calgary Flames and Ottawa Senators? Well I'm just really proud of the officiating crew on the ice for making sure they swallowed the whistle on that one. 

Matthew Tkachuk is hosting his younger brother Brady at his home barn. Not only is he hosting Brady and all his shithead friends, but Brady and the boys are shit pumping Matthew and the Flames. Little bro comes into your house and he's got his sneakers on the couch, spilling all over the floor, clogged your toilet, and then he has the audacity to shove you on your ass? That's the last straw, twerp, it's time for a sack tap. 

Now by the word of the law, Matthew Tkachuk could have gone off for a 2-minute slashing penalty. The stripes would be well within their rights to make that call against any other player. But when it's brother on brother like that? Sometimes the best thing to do is to just keep the whistle out of it. Let the boys settle it on their own and then as soon as one of them starts crying, bring mom and dad in for supplemental discipline. Just let the family group chat take care of that one. 

Speaking of situations that can resolve themselves...Milan Lucic vs Scott Sabourin. Tough go at for it Sabourin. Sometimes it's easy to forget that Lucic is still an absolute mutant all these years later.