Somehow, Someway Derrick Henry Seems To Have Gotten BIGGER Since Breaking His Foot

Is it possible that Derrick Henry somehow got bigger after breaking his foot on Halloween? As you know he's been practicing for the last few days but hasn't been activated off IR yet, that will happen before their first playoff game. But the videos of him doing these drills and running plays, it's shocking to see how massive he is. And I'm not talking about him being more massive like he got fat. He looks JACKED. Normally if you break your foot you're probably sitting down a lot, eating a ton, the normal stuff to do when you can't walk. But Derrick looks like he somehow only worked out with a broken foot.

I mean he is huge. We knew he was big before, but you give him 10 weeks off and tell him to only work out? He turned into the hulk. His arms are massive, his shoulders are massive, his chest is massive, he looks like he grew 2-3 inches and put on all muscle. And not only does he look bigger, but he's leaner it seems too. Obviously this is all without pads on, but he looks to be in unreal shape. Doesn't look to be limping or favoring his foot, almost like he's fully healed and ready to go. 

He looks faster than ever too. Again I know these are drills, but he actually looks fast. Now that I think about it, he looks bigger without pads on than he does with pads on. And looking at him compared to his other running backs is mind bottling.

Coley has written a lot of great blogs, but the one I go back and re-read the most is the one about how he can't grasp how massive Derrick is, because every time I see a picture like the one above I'm in his shoes. I've never been so hyped up to watch practice videos from a player, but the main thing that jumps off is how great he looks. Fast, lean, muscular, explosive, and ready to go for the playoffs. 

Was also nice of them to let the GOAT meet an actual goat.