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UCLA -5.5 Is Officially An All-Time Horrendous Beat Thanks To Oregon Delivering The Weirdest Play You'll See In College Hoops This Year

Every night we see bad beats and ridiculous covers. It's why betting on college basketball is a grind. So many games, so many teams, late fouls, all that stuff. But this? This is just cruel and unusual punishment if you're sitting on UCLA -5.5. You have the ball with a running clock, worst case scenario you think Oregon gets possession with about 6 seconds to go. Not exactly a lock to get a bucket. Especially if you know Oregon's offense. Hint: Oregon fucking stinks on offense.

Instead this happens. Eric Williams picks up the ball and with 7 seconds left LAUNCHES. He tried to throw it 10 rows up. Somehow, someway it bounces off the backboard with nearly enough time for teams to go the length of the floor. Bobbles around, bucket. Dagger. Like I said, bad beats can get overplayed. This is not. This is so bad. You don't see dudes launch 3/4 shots with 7 seconds too often. You for sure don't see them hit the backboard and ricochet perfectly into the lane. 

Just when you think you’ve seen it all you get a cruel reminder you haven’t. Also the best offense Oregon has run in a year. Might want to dial that one up again, Altman.