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Breaking Down All The Hypothetical Trades, Signings And Rumors From The Dozen Hot Stove

Let me get straight to the point here. I'm addicted to The Dozen hot stove, so much so that I'm going to blog about it here on this fine Friday. There's been drama all over the place with who Chicago will accept as a challenger to the crown that Jeff laid out here: 

But as a Knicks fan, I've spent my life hearing rumors of people joining teams, trades, signings, etc. I can't get enough of it. It all started when Jeff talked about a possible trade of Jake Marsh on Tuesday's episode: 

It blew my mind. Naturally, I took to Twitter to crowdsource a bit. 

Fuck yes. I live for trade and trade rumors. Apparently it struck a cord because an unnamed member of The Dozen texted me fairly quickly. 

Now that fantasy football season is over I've been jonesing for this sort of talk. Hypothetical trades, smoke screens, all that good stuff. There were days of rumors and leaks: 

Then it happened. Our first free agent signing since Hank became a Misfit. 

The Current Teams

Chicago - Carl, WSD, Chief

Minihane - Kirk, Rico (suspended), Pat

Honkers - Coley (reigning NVP), Robbie Fox, Mintzy

Ziti - Dave, Clem, Eddie

Experts - Brandon, PFT, Fran

Smockin - KenJac, Titus, Donnie

Frank and the Frankettes - Frank, KB/Nick (two people, both Frankettes) 

urMom - KFC, Rudy, Jack McCarthy (not JackMac, tough, I know.) 

Misfits - Reags, Dante, Hank

Out of Office - Keegs, Chris Castellani, Duggs

Uptown Balls - Tommy, Smitty, Glenny

Gen XYZ - Vibbs, Large, Jake Marsh

The Troops - Kate, Billy, Chaps

Yak - Rone, Big Cat, Cheah 

Spittin Chiclets - Three hockey pros

The Cheah rumor

Steven Cheah's name came up a bunch on Twitter - the most trusted source for news. I was always skeptical of this as the GM of the Misfits and paying attention to the league. Did he ruin the last round for the Yak? Potentially. Actually, yes. Yes he did. A little bit of turmoil for a team that thrives in turmoil. But it's still The Yak. You can't be The Yak without him. Jeff shot down the rumors pretty fast. Feels a little bit like a Damian Lillard/Blazers situation. 

The Keegs signing

Keegs was the unanimous top free agent. I won't lie. The Misfits were in talks with Keegs at one point. Like I said, I'm a GM that will always look at value. Now, she signs with Out Of Office, a top-10 team. A signing that made sense considering OOO was down to 2 players. They had to make a move and made a splash. But, this leads me to the next rumor. 

Jake Marsh trade to reunite Keegs and Vibbs

The Jake Marsh rumor of a sign and trade popped up and his name was the one that started it all. Keegs and Vibbs took the reality world by storm this summer with the game play and rumors on Barstool vs America. Well guess what? The Dozen is a reality show too, just trivia version. There's no doubt they have chemistry. There's no doubt there might be something behind closed doors happening. Vibbs is one of the most diabolical characters at Barstool - just watch 1 episode of Lowering the Bar and you can see it. Vibbs will 100% trade someone. He's also an Indiana fan and he knows what it's like to keep missing the tournament after one little run. Something to keep an eye on here. 

Teams that won't trade

I've done my research. I've made the calls. As of now the list of teams that won't make a move and don't need to make a move: Chicago, Honkers, Frankettes, Experts, Uptown Balls, Smockin, Chiclets, Ziti, urMom, Troops (although I'm worried about Kate's health. Just look at her Twitter.) and the Yak. 

Who does that leave

That means these teams could be involved in trade talks: Misfits, Out of Office, Gen XYZ, The Fellas, Nightmare. Plenty of options for trades. Plenty of players that make sense to be on the move. Whether it's a personality fit, a hole in the team's weakness or creating a SuperTeam. 

Minihane is the wild card

We know Rico is currently on a month suspension. I hardly doubt Kirk will take a month off trivia and that means they need yet another fill-in. Do they go back to the well and call in Quigs? He was decent for his first showing earlier this season filling in for Kirk. Do they poach someone from one of the teams listed? I'd love to see them get Cons for a game just to see Kirk and Cons together. 

Setting the record on Hank

Like I said, I'm on the Misfits and plenty of people have tweeted at me that Hank is on the hot seat with these rumors. Watch the season folks. Hank has been solid. He's a Misfit. I have no intention of trading Hank. Write it in stone. 

The hot stove is real

This isn't just fake content. The hot stove is real. I can say this is how I've felt this week fielding messages. 

Allen Einstein. Getty Images.

It might be an office trivia show, but it's our office trivia show. We want to win. Everyone wants to win. I promise that every rumor is out there, trades are real, signings are real. 

The ultimate trade rumor

This has left me baffled by our commissioner. What does he know? It could be a Keegs vs Jake trade and boost Gen XYZ a semifinal team a year ago. But with Jake's tweet, it makes me think it could be something else. Could Kirk be pulling a massive move and trade a suspended player? Either way it sounds like something is developing. 

Yes these are a lot of words, but I'm addicted. I can't get enough of The Dozen rumors. In the mean time vote for All-Stars.