There's An Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park In New Orleans That Eddie Is In Love With

Yesterday I sat down with my guys Eddie and Chief for our weekly session to shoot the shit. 

We started off discussing Eddie's epic performance this weekend. 

I think Eddie goes out downtown fewer than 5 times a year. But this past weekend for the Barstool Bar opening he was out 5 nights in a week. He even closed the place down on Saturday night and went to after-hours at Richards. Straight beast mode.

After sucking Eddie's dick for a while we moved on to this week's documentary topic which happened to be one that Eddie made us watch. 

A little background here, which will help you understand things, because I had no fucking clue before watching this- but Eddie loves abandoned places. LOVES them. 

The same way I love linguine and clams, or arrabbiata sauce, Eddie loves visiting and viewing documentaries on abandoned places.

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So he told Chief and I to watch "Closed For Storm", a documentary on Amazon Prime about a theme park in East New Orleans that operated for 3 years prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and never again since.

As Chief respectfully put it, "it was awful".

If you're in it for a look at a 50-acre theme park that cost $160 million to build and was left to rot then it's great.

But if you're looking for something that presents a problem and shows a resolution, this ain't it.

In all seriousness though, this documentary really wasn't that bad. It was an extremely depressing reminder of just how awful the devastation from Hurricane Katrina was and how the effects of it are still being felt today 15 years later. 

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p.s. - Dan Snyder was a freaking Six Flags CEO back in the day??? Had no idea. Explains so much.

p.p.s. - this creepy old guy from the Six Flags commercials was named "Mr. Six"?

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