I Ate A Grouper Reuben The Other Day & I Simply Need To Discuss It With Everyone

So I'm a sucker for a good Reuben. I really, really, really fucking am. As I stated in that tweet I am slowly but surely making my Reubens my favorite types of sandwiches. Italian heroes are obviously a favorite. A good roast beef with fresh mozzarella is up there for me. And of course any great variation of a chicken cutlet sandwich can go a long way with this guy's tastebuds & my favorite sandwich in the world (Chicken Club from My Hero on Long Island) happens to be a chicken cutlet sandwich! 

Though as of late the art of the Reuben has really been taking the cake for me. The salty & sour from the kraut. The creaminess of the cheese. The tenderness & taste of the corned beef. And, for me, most importantly is the russian dressing both on the sandwich and served on the side. Dipping the hot sangy into a cold side of russian is legitimately orgasmic to me. And in this past week while traveling for Sundae Conversations I happened to try both a turkey reuben and a fucking GROUPER reuben. I mean I've of course seen Turkey Reubens around- they're not too crazy of an item for those wanting to eat a little healthier than corned beef. 


But grouper? Friggen GROUPER! That thing turned into a reuben sandwich? 

Marcos del Mazo. Getty Images.

Now that is some culinary innovation at its finest and I gotta say…that Grouper Reuben was OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was so good that I'm even very anti-purple slaw and that addition didn't even bother me. I also had no idea it was going to be fried grouper though that only enhanced the taste. If I ever start a restaurant the vaunted grouper reuben will easily be in consideration for the menu…or I guess any type of Reuben for that matter! The more reubens, the better.