This Montage Of Russell Westbrook Bricking A Million Shots Is Hypnotizing, Especially After The Kings Roasted Him All Night


You know you're at an all-time low when the Kings are out here mocking you. The Kings! There may not be a sports franchise more associated with losing than the Kings and they are mocking Russell Westbrook for bricking shot after shot. That's why that first video is so hypnotizing. We're talking about a dude who is a Hall of Famer. A guy who averaged a triple-double more than once. I don't care, that's still impressive to do over the course of a season. But Russ with the Lakers? It's basically been what every single person predicted.


In fact it's so bad, this is floating around out there. 

You can't even attribute playing in the Western Conference this season. It's not even close to as good as the East. They are the 8th seed because the West sucks. 21-21 gets you out of the playoffs in the East. We know Russ isn't known for shooting, but those shots. Woof dude. Those are the definition of bricks. Never forget when Derek Fisher 'accidentally' called him Russell Westbrick on TV. 


Or when an announcer literally couldn't believe what he saw.

The 'oh my God' gets me every single time. Fucking hilarious. Just a great video all around from one of the best basketball players we've seen. I mean he was on the NBA 75-anniversary team. He's good. I swear he's a good player. But every once in a while we get something like this. He bricks shots. Hence how he got the nickname Russell Westbrick from people who don't like his game. But that video does him no favors. Just brick after brick.