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2 Down, 1 To Go: The Knicks Acquired Cam Reddish From The Hawks For Kevin Knox And A Conditional First Rounder From The Hornets

Hey Siri, play the theme song from The Godfather.

LEONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Do my eyes deceive me or are the Knicks actually being universally praised for a trade? We are truly living in the strangest of times. Let's check in to see how Hawks fans are handling the news.

Now I could discuss how Cam Reddish is a perfectly fine young player that plays the type of defense Thibs will absolutely LOVE or that Kevin Knox is ummmm, we'll just say not exactly a perfectly fine young player along with that Hornets pick being protected more than a used Drake condom with Top 14 or higher protections every year until 2025, where it then becomes a 2nd round pick. But let's be honest, we are all thinking the same exact thing right now.

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I know Zion is under contract, overweight, and allllllways injured. But that's nothing a little time, motivation, and new medical staff on a new team can't fix. Plus everyone knows that being around your boys is the best way to get out of a funk, which I think is a pretty fair way to describe the Zion's time with the Pelicans, and CAA probably wouldn't hate getting him to be a big city team run by a guy with a big basketball brain not to mention big CAA ties.

If I am going to keep posting the Leon picture, I might as well throw a Tommy Stat in there too.

If only there was a clip of Zion saying how much he loved playing at Madison Square Garden for Knicks fans to play over and over like we have for every decent free agent target over the last decade.

Fuck it, I know it's only January but #PhotoshopSZN is back!!!

I've seen this picture so much, I've almost Mandela Effected myself into believing Zion has already been a Knick

As for Kevin Knox, we'll always have those Summer League games where you looked like the next LeBron.