This Georgia Fan Serenaded His Neighbors With a Loudspeaker After UGA Won the National Title

I really wish I didn't like this guy.

It's really felt like a matter of when rather than if Georgia would win its first national championship since 1980 these past few years, but it finally came to fruition on Monday night. As much as it physically pains me to see UGA fans be able to celebrate a national title after watching them fail so spectacularly and repeatedly over the course of many years, the Dawgs were unequivocally the best team in college football this year. They earned it.

And after a four-decade-plus wait, Georgia fans were ready to let everybody within earshot hear about it — literally. Assuming this was a little bit after the game, those poor neighbors were getting woken up hearing about the Dawgs' victory well after midnight. I love it, though. When you wait that long, go nuts.

This wasn't the first time this guy has used that apparatus, either. "The Faulkners" he references are his Auburn fan neighbors whom he woke up at 8 a.m. the morning after Georgia took down the Tigers in the 2017 SEC Championship Game. This man is absolutely ruthless.

I am upset by the fact UGA fans now have the one thing that has eluded them since the Jimmy Carter administration which they will talk about to absolutely no end, but I'm oddly happy for this guy. I like the cut of his jib.