Apologize To RJ Barrett And Then Say It With Us - RJ Barrett Is A Star

I remember the days when RJ Barrett felt like the leftover guy. The guy you didn't want because he wasn't Zion or Ja. I remember trying to talk Knicks fans off the ledge on Barstool Radio (RIPIP) and Mickstape (RIPIPIP) 

Now? The man is just 21 years old, in his 3rd year and keeps getting better. He's a star. I'm not talking he's a superstar, that's crazy talk. But he's winning games for the Knicks. He's finally a first round pick that we should re-sign and end that streak. He's exactly what I was talking about in that radio clip. He can 100% be the 2nd or 3rd option on a good team and play the DeRozan type role. 

Barrett's biggest knock coming out of Duke was shooting. He's shooting 36% from three in the NBA. That's fine! That's what he needs to do. How would he adjust to being a secondary playmaker? Just fine! Him and Randle have been handling the playmaking ability without Rose and all RJ is doing is picking his spots. 

Listen I'm not saying he's this franchise game changer like a superstar. But he's a franchise game changer in the sense of we have one of our guys. You can build around RJ and hope you land a star above him. That's the game. All we've wanted for years is a draft pick to work out. RJ Barrett is doing that. I said it in the clip, but there's always this narrative that top-5 picks have to be All-NBA all the time and everything. Give me 12 years of RJ as a starter and piece of a Knicks teams consistently making the playoffs and he's worth that No. 3 pick every day of the week.