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Glenny Balls' 3rd Official Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week

Hello, folks! We have returned for our 3rd edition of my very own Only Fans Power Rankings and you know what they say about the 3rd time right? It's the charm. And with the charm comes a brand new logo for this completely normal blog series which I think looks PRETTY clean. Love the cartoon version of myself and even the little teeny widow's peak is perfection. Though we aren't here to talk about this logo. We are here to do what the good lord intended us to do and that's talk about Only Fans Power Rankings of the Week. Let's ride.

#5 Victoria Banxxx

Alright so this happened last week with Izzy Green by discovering her on IG & now it has, shockingly, happened again. You come across a very nice looking TikTok on your for you page, which leads to their profile, which leads to their other links, which ends the trail at their Only Fans! Not to mention she KILLS it on the Tok. Views on top of views on top of views! Addison Rae must be quivering in her boots.

So once the links led me to the promised land how I could not spring for the $7.50 monthyl subscription price? Great deal and the videos in the DM's all less than $20 and they are SOMETHING. Steals all around! Only turn-off here is that her shoe size is in her OF bio. I have no idea why that weirds me out, but it does. May have to get her in feet the streets! People also forget that I'm just 25% Greek so it's pleasant to see a fellow Greek killing it on OF.

#4 Lucia Javorčeková

I can't lie here. I really can't. I was VERY tempted to put Lucia as my #1 this week due to the fact that I quite literally think she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and her instagram can very much vouch for that. She gives me STRONG Amanda Peet vibes which are quite literally some of my favorite vibes out there! She's bring bring home to your mom-type beautiful!

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BUT I couldn't in good confidence put her as high as #1 because of her OF method. I recently subscribed as it is free although you're instantly hit with a DM saying she has a VIP List you can join for 100 bones! 100 big ones! That is STEEP for us normies out here. That's simply a method I cannot condone so I think #4 is the perfect spot here.

#3 Ashley Tervort

So there's a few things I absolutely love here about Ashley Tervort. The first 2 are pretty fucking obvious so I'll let you figure that one out on your own, though the the 3rd is that in her OnlyFans bio it couldn't any more blatantly say "No Full Nudity" which she actually does not do. I am a man of respect and when someone is honest enough to throw that in the bio because, trust me it may throw some fellas off the purchase if they see that, you gotta respect 'em. insert RE2PECT gif

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And that very move has gotten her #3 on this week's list. The other thing in her bio being "32i chest" doesn't hurt, either.

2. Natalie Roush

Now I think Roush here is also in that category that Sierra Skye was in last week where she's almost more of a known Instagram model than she is an Only Fans model if that makes sense? Yet whenever we have one of those on our hands we gotta rejoice when they REALLY get into the Only Fans side of things and that is exactly what Natalie Roush has been doing as of late. And among other things she has a free OF you can sub to if you'd like while also having a premium one for a measly $12! That's basically just a lunch sandwich. If you're thinking about it you get 31 days of happiness in exchange for one sandwich! Steal.

#1 Haleigh Cox

If you've ever read any weekly power rankings of let's say sports teams…you know that the power rankings fluctuate. Some weeks your quarterback could look finally and you could shoot all the way up to the top on people's rankings while other weeks your defense could look like swiss cheese and you can drop right out of the top 5 power rankings no questions asked! Well my Only Fans Power Rankings are the exact same way. And after what our queen Haleigh has been posting as of late there was just NO WAY she wasn't going to re-enter the rankings this week rocking the gold medal! Just no way! Congrats to her on being the 2nd lady with 2 appearances on here along with Corinna Kopf. 

And there ya have it my people! Week 3 in the books…Till next time!

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