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Sad: Matthew Stafford's Wife Is Now Publicly Pleading And Begging Rams Fans Not To Sell Tickets To Cardinals Fans

It's tough for me, a Giants fan, to call any franchise a loser franchise right now. But this is a loser move. This is why I can't take the Los Angeles Rams seriously. I don't care how much talent they have. I don't care how hot Sean McVay's fiancee is. Fine, here you go since you'll all ask. 

I don't care how many coaches - including my best friend, Kentucky's OC Liam Coen - come from the McVay tree. If you have your starting quarterback's wife begging fans to not sell playoff tickets to an opponent and make it an away game you're a pathetic franchise. 

I know, I know. This is Los Angeles. This is typically how it is and all that jazz. But we're talking the playoffs here. A regular season game? Sure. It's stupid, but it's not the end of the world. We're in win and go home mode now baby. Shit, I hate the Bengals and their fans, but guess what? I'm pretty sure there are thousands of Bengals fans right now just hanging out outside of Paul Brown Stadium drinking and getting ready for the game. They ain't selling shit to Raiders fans. 

I blogged about it after Week 18: 


Now his wife is begging this not to happen again? Spoiler alert. It's going to happen. It's going to keep happening. At best you're looking at what? 65/35 split for Rams fans? I'll say this too. Matt's gotta tell Kelly to chill here. I don't care if she has good intentions and it even works. You can't be having your wife saying stuff like this before a playoff game. Just keep it in your back pocket and save it for the offseason. 

That said, I am fucking pumped for Cardinals vs Rams. Kliff and McVay will 100% screw up a decision in the 4th quarter and it's going to be hilarious. I like both even! They just always seem to do it. Now we get them together. We get Kyler and Stafford. Yeah sign me up for this game.