People Sure Do Seem To Mad At Connor McDavid For Not Publicly Shitting On The Idea Of The Oilers Signing Evander Kane

Connor McDavid has been put in an impossible situation here. All of the blame falls on Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers. The fact that the team is still such a disaster this deep into McDavid's career in Edmonton, thus forcing them to be so desperate that they'd consider taking a chance on Evander Kane at all shouldn't be happening in the first place. Yet here we are. The Oilers are in free fall mode, the organization is desperate to turn things around before it's actually too late, and Ken Holland has his eyes set on Evander Kane. 

Listen. I have a hard time believing that Evander Kane is the type of guy that any team should want in their locker room. He's proven time and time again that he's eating sloppy steaks at Truffoni's. Which is exactly why I said that he'd only make things worse if Edmonton actually goes ahead and signs him. 

But it's called the public opinion for a reason. Connor McDavid isn't the public. Far from it. He's a guy who gets paid $12.5 million per year to win hockey games. $12.5 million to find some shred of success in the playoffs. He's not PR. He's not waking up every morning thinking about the optics of everything. And to be fair, it sure as hell doesn't sound like Connor McDavid is necessarily pumped about adding Evander Kane to the lineup. It's not like he was singing Evander Kane's praises or anything. But again, he gets paid to win hockey games. And if his boss who is paying him 12 sheets a year says that this will make the team better, well then it sure seems selfish as hell of fans to think he should publicly shit on that idea to the media. But it sure is easy to complain about it on Twitter.