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Wild Video of 80 Ostriches Running Wild Throughout a City in China After Escaping a Local Farm

Xi Jinping was over there in China thinking nothing could get in the way of the upcoming Winter Olympic games. Covid? Peng Shuai? No matter how serious the matter it won't stop his precious event. One thing that guy didn't account for? Ostriches. Mother fucking loose ostriches running rampant all over the damn place. These guys pull up to the torch lighting ceremony and it's game over. 

Could you imagine having a nice out at the bar and as you take that first step outside, the fresh air hits you in the face — then BOOM a goddamn pack of ostriches run right over you as they escape a farm. I mean those things were fucking moving and I don't blame them one bit. That right there is a once and a life time opportunity for an ostrich. You see the gate open in the farm and it's go time. See you on the other side brothers. The gene lottery gave you one gift and that's speed...use it. 43 mph top speed, good lord. 

Supposedly around 20 of the ostriches are still on the loose after people in the city helped round them up. Good for them, I'm team animal almost every time in these scenarios, unless we're talking like loose tigers. Can't have that. Just absolutely cannot have loose tigers in the city. Ostriches? Go nuts. I want those 20 ostriches to find the promise land. Maybe fuck around and spook a cyclist or two on the roads like this one. 

 Bonus video of ostrich racing, one of the more electric events on our planet.