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Here To Fill My Friend Timbaland In About Who Quincy Jones Is


Timbaland c'mon man. 

This is almost as bad as the time I thought 19-year-old Juice WRLD actually attended law school.

I'm an idiot but even I know Qunicy Jones is responsible for some of the most iconic, and beautiful music ever put out into the world.

"Fly Me To The Moon".

Ever heard of it?

Yah that was him.

(Sidebar - a great Sinatra read his "His Way" by Kitty Kelly. There's a lot of sensational shit in it about affairs and mafia ties and all that, but some of the best stuff are the accounts from some of the people closest to Frank through the years like his drivers, security guys, band members, etc. Sinatra was ten times the civil rights advocate JFK was. He went out of his way to see to it his guys and anybody he came across that was a minority was treated fairly. Canceled shows. Threatened to cancel shows. Threw fists. Great look into a side of him not often mentioned)

You know that song that's in pretty much every romantic comedy film and countless commercials "It's My Party" by Leslie Gore?

That was him too.

The Brothers Johnson? A little something to blow your socks off.

Quincy Jones.

From a young age Quincy Jones was touring the globe with the legendary Count Basie orchestra.

Who caught the attention of Frank Sinatra and were offered a gig as his accompanying act and house band.

Mr. Jones is one of a small handful of producers to have #1 records in 3 consecutive decades (60’s, 70’s, and 80’s)

One of his first huge accomplishments was producing Ray Charles' epic Genius + Soul = Jazz in 1961.

(Fun fact - the Austin Powers theme song? Yah that's Quincy Jones babe.)

(Another fun fact- he's the father of Rashida Jones)

So yes, although he is responsible for one of the biggest albums in the history of music, Thriller, he did a hell of a lot of big time shit before that.

Not to mention, Thriller wasn't even his first time working with MJ. 

He also produced Off The Wall…

p.s. - if Timabland wants to make his point about how it's never too late to start something in life, then Tina Turner would be a great example.

She spent her entire young life handcuffed to an abusive, controlling, maniac in Ike Turner. Her name was synonymous as an artist with this leech her whole "career". Until she broke free of him in 1978. Six years later, at age 44, she released her first solo album, Private Dancer. She became the oldest female solo artist to top the Hot 100 ever. Essentially launching her solo career and reaching to the pinnacle at age 44.

p.p.s. - still not as bad as when this was trending (h/t @edukator)

p.p.p.s. - before you tear Timbaland to shreds, remember how many bangers the guy gave to us.