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It Appears The Portland Pickles' Mascot Just Tweeted Out A Dick Pic

I'm not exaggerating when I say this tweet stopped me in my tracks. I spit out my drink and had to sit down and examine what I just saw. Did a pickle mascot really tweet out a dick pic on the timeline? In this economy??? The Portland Pickles are a collegiate wood bat league during the summer and I guess they did a mascot takeover of their account today. Will probably be the last time that happens because this dude pulled a Brett Favre and attempted to chub himself up before snapping a pic. I've never seen a pickle dick but I have to assume that's what this is. You can't just go around whipping out your pickle dick for the whole internet to see, and believe me, the whole internet will see it.

Apparently he was just trying to give a thumbs up....


Hey, who am I to judge how a pickle gives a thumbs up? It's great from their marketing standpoint because everyone is talking about it, I didn't know the Portland Pickles were a thing an hour ago, now I've seen their mascot's dick. Like real up close and personal. Minor league and independent league baseball really is a different game, this just proves it. Pickle brain on the timeline man, what a world.