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Why No Matter Who The Bears Hire For New GM and Head Coach It Won't Matter. They're Fucked.

Great listen today from the Red Line boys. 

The TLDR can be summed up with "Olin Kruetz gives zero fucks." 

Not that that should come as a surprise to anybody who watched him play here in Chicago.

Guy was a loose cannon on and off the field.

And he told it how it is. 

The McCaskey's are genetic lottery winners who would be greeting customers at Walmart had they not been born into the bloodline they were.

They're such self-absorbed, mental midgets, that rather than surround themselves with competent people who will shoot them straight and tell them how it is, they insulate themselves with sycophant "yes men".

The result is DECADES of embarrassment. Spinning their wheels in the mud while it sprays in the faces of their die-hard fans.


(That smell is our shit Focker)

And with news that the Bears were actually interviewing a guy who would be a GODSEND of a head coach this afternoon, Brian Flores, I hate to have to be the Bear-er of bad news (see what I did there?). But even if they do hire him- which they won't - he won't be able to fix things either. 

Nobody will.

Have you ever went and walked a house or business that looked fucking great from the listing? Or from the outside?

But once you get inside, no matter how much the realtor tries to talk it up and lie to you, (or how hot she is), you just know it's going to need an entire gut job? No amount of lipstick can fix the inside.

That's the Bears.

They are like a fish that rots from the head, and are rotted so badly to the core they need an entire gut job. 

The major problem here is what many people with brains said last year. 

Pace and Nagy fucked this thing up so bad and proved without a doubt they were dog shit at their jobs. The most obvious long term fuck up was Pace mortgaging the future through unloading a ton of value in draft picks, in hopes to win now (then), and save his job. 

Not only were he and his clown show coach  given one more chance this season, they were given free reign to impact the team for years beyond they'd be here through the picks they actually did draft, and personnel moves they made. 

The Bears have effectively reduced their GM and coach pool to people that like Fields (that’s not going to be everyone). That then leaks into every other area of the team construction. You now have to hire coaches and build a roster that suits Fields best. 

If it doesn’t work out you’re fucked again. 

For years. 

And, whatever people feel about Fields, human nature is to want to come in and do things your way. You want control, you want to put your stamp on it. Inheriting a QB you didn’t select isn’t total autonomy and authority. An alpha male doesn’t want his new wife’s ex-husband telling him how to fuck her. He wants to fuck free and clear. His way. If he wants to jackhammer her then he needs to be able to do that. You can’t cuck him. 

I guess you have to start somewhere and hopefully Fields is the guy. It’s not wrong to build around him because even if he isn’t the guy, the rest of the team should be able to perform in a new scheme with a new QB in 4 years. 

If you look around the league there are more schemes that fit QBs like Fields than there are that fit the Andy Daltons of the world. 


Even if he turns out to not be the guy, it’ll be a modernized/adaptable scheme. 

And that's without even mentioning the fact that Ted Phillips and Grampy Polian are interviewing head coaching candidates without even having a general manager on salary. 

Talk about cart before the horse and not setting yourself up for success. 

It's wild to think that 20 years ago the Chicago Bears head coaching job was probably one of the most elite positions in sports. They could have had the cocks walk of coaches vying for the job. Now they're reduced to courting everybody else's leftovers, and trying to woo the scraps leftover from the Giants and Broncos.


Want to really blow your mind?

Picture George McCaskey rubbing elbows at owners meetings/dinners with the likes of Jerry Jones or Bob Kraft. Talk about a minow in a tank of sharks.

And what does, and rightfully should, piss off so many Bears fans, is what Carl said a few weeks ago.

This is a grown man who was born on third base. Who had the blood of George Halas flowing through his veins.

Who’s never worked a real job in his life, except for playing real life fantasy football.

You would think, a guy tasked with nothing other than learning and knowing the game of football inside and out, having nothing else to worry about - no mortgage or rent payments, how to move up the corporate ladder, none of that shit. You would think somebody in this position would be on the football expert level of somebody like Belichick (just kidding). But he, and his counterparts have proven they’re not even remotely close.