I Love This Surgeon Who Autographed Organs He Put In Patients

Dr. Simon Bramhall, a British surgeon who branded his initials on patients' livers, has been struck off the medical register as of Monday, according to a report by BBC News.

According to the U.K. General Medical Council, that means he can no longer work as a doctor in the U.K.

The branding occurred in February and August of 2013, and Bramhall received two convictions for common assault in December 2017, according to records from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal.

The records show that he used an argon beam coagulator, a device commonly used in surgeries, to place his initials on the transplanted liver of a patient at the end of each surgery.

The branded initials were only discovered when an organ transplant failed and another doctor was performing a surgery on the patient, according to BBC News.


Every artist always signs their work! So I love this cocky move by this surgeon. He probably branded every single liver he transplanted and sowed the people up thinking his work was so good that it would never be discovered. But then boom your luck runs out. I love how this guy was posting on his Twitter "Best Liver Surgeon" and got busted for a bad liver job. Also, you gotta remember this is a liver surgeon in the U.K, those Brits invented alcoholism. Those booze bag Brits combined with national health gotta be getting their livers replaced like once a month at least. 

Imagine the feeling if this guy had operated on you and you found out you more than likely have his initials on your new liver. I mean even though you wouldn't be able to see it there may be the feeling of just being tattooed without your consent that gives you the creeps. I would love it though if this is a common thing among surgeons, like tons of athletes' knees that were reconstructed after ACL injuries all got tattoos of James Andrews on their knee cap. Honestly, I am in favor of this practice if it is not harmful to patients. Plus it provides accountability. If that liver was so shittily done by Dr. Simon Bramhall that he's gotta answer for his work, they know exactly who did it and where to find him.