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Mayhem At AFCON: Ref Ends The Match Too Early (TWICE!) With Mali Up 1-0, Officials Try To Restart Match But Tunisia Refused To Play

What the hell is going on out here? I know I make fun of refs a lot and basically have little to no respect, but look at this and tell me they aren't cheating. Everyone knows soccer is 90 minutes, not 89. Then you have a coach giving a press conference and officials burst in and tell him to get his team back on the field? Sure. That makes sense. That's how you handle things at the African Cup of Nations. 

The best part is that's just part of it all? A reverse red card, a missed penalty, trying to blow the match over in the 85th minute? Nothing fishy here! Not like the sport has dealt with match fixing and corruption ever. Not one time have I thought about that with soccer. 

How about the look of the Tunisia manager? This is a dude you don't want to fuck with. 

ISSOUF SANOGO. Getty Images.

The sunglasses. A more athletic Paulie Walnuts type look. This man will fight you on the field, no question about it. No wonder Tunisia didn't come back out on the field to play. He probably wanted to make a statement and is too busy plotting his revenge. 

I mean this is just all insane. We're talking about a major soccer sporting event here and this happens. I just can't understand how you fuck it up this many times as a ref. It's not that hard. You have a watch, you know how long the match is supposed to be. You can't go 0-for-2 on calling the game too early. 

Oh and these Mali jerseys are fire: 

ISSOUF SANOGO. Getty Images.

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