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Another Night In The NHL, Another Chance For Cale Makar To Make Anybody Standing In His Path Look Preposterously Silly

Every night Cale Makar puts on his pads, laces up his skates, and goes out to play against some of the best hockey players in the world. Guys who get paid millions and millions of dollars to play this game for a living. And every night he makes them all look like a bunch of little bitches. 

Walks the line. The edgework. The leg lift. Launching a quick little piss missile right over Saros' shoulder, kisses the back bar and comes straight back out. 

A filthy goal that goes directly into the career highlight tape for most players. For Cale Makar, it's just another Tuesday night. He's on pace for a 45-goal season right now. Paul Coffey. Bobby Orr. Cale Makar. 50 points in 57 games his rookie year. A point per game player last season. Now on pace to have one of the best goal scoring seasons out of a defenseman since the 80's. That's a superstar, folks. Sure would be the franchise who wanted to draft him but the General Manager was too much of an egotistical prick to listen to his scouts. 

P.S. -- Nashville got the win in overtime to stay at the top of the Central (played 4 more games than Colorado so far but whatever).

It's been 3 straight seasons without a playoff series win in Nashville. That roster is still way too loaded to not have at least one more run at the Cup. This quote from Matt Duchene after the game sounds like that's the plan this season. 

Nashville, Colorado, Minnesota. I could see any of those teams in the Final. The Central is a gauntlet.