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The Raptors Mascot Committed Heinous Crimes During A Free Throw In An Empty Arena And Devin Booker Rightfully Got Him Booted

Who does this Raptor think he is? He thinks he can walk into his own arena, dressed like a dinosaur and create chaos? This is society. You can't be the only person in the arena and be jumping up and down during free throws. You can't be trying to distract an opponent. This is sports we're talking about here. This is a team trying to win, the last thing they need is their best scorer to be distracted at the free throw line. What's next? Bouncing around? Yelling? Where does it stop? 

Laugh out loud funny though that the ref actually booted him to the side and the Raptor took a knee on the sidelines. He had nothing else left to give. 


Shit, this is going to be very bad for the brand of basketball guys being soft.