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Kodak Black Went To The Florida Panthers Game Tonight, Got Bored, And Decided To Have Sex In Front Of Absolutely Everybody


There are people who say they don’t care about anything. That they don’t give a fuck. Then you see someone who TRULY doesn’t give a fuck and it really puts things into perspective. Nothing quite like bending over your ladyfriend for 15,000 Panthers fans to take in. 

Shoutout the NHL tweeting this out earlier tonight, already a questionable decision if you spent even five seconds on his Wikipedia page. “This Tweet has been deleted” is almost always funny regardless of situation. But it’s fucking hilarious when that situation was, “Boy oh boy did we not expect this young man to clear out a luxury box and whip his cock out for the world to see.”

PS - I know I’m not supposed to outright endorse this kind of behavior, but this is the most ballinest shit I’ve ever seen. Drake is the goddamn mascot for the Raptors and he’s never piped anyone down in a Vince Carter jersey during ‘O, Canada.” Sure, in the court of public opinion that makes him a good guy. But in the rap game? As a wise man once said, “Stunt on me once I’ll flex on you forever.” The Florida Panthers will forever be known as “the team Kodak fucked on” from now until infinity. That’s the type of flex money simply cannot replicate.