Some Dickhead Stole ‘Wordle’ To Make It A Pay-To-Play App And The Internet Drowned Him With A Mountain Of Hate

So unless you live under The Rock, Wordle is the hottest game in the internet streets right now. No hints, six guesses, any five letter word under the Sun, one game a day. It’s a great wat to convince yourself you’re smart or, at the very least, smarter than the people you know. It’s beloved by all. So beloved that if you try to rip it off and pass it off as your own creation, everyone will hate you!


This kid’s such an assjacket I almost respect him. Bad faith arguments. Defiantly actling like an absolute smart ass at the slightest bit of criticism. And, the cherry atop this sundae, receipts of him crying when a different app stole his past idea. Really the Triple Crown of being the internet’s main character for a day. So many people were mad online that Apple actually got off their asses and shut it down.

There are still alternate versions available, ones that didn’t literally claim to be THE official Wordle app.

And while everyone is (rightfully) up in arms over this, there’s a much larger issue at hand here. One that has gone unchecked for far too long and I think it’s time someone does something about it. We, as a society, do not have any need, want, nor place for two different spellings of the name Zack. Stealy McApp boy above spells it Zach with an ‘h’ and I think it said everything we needed to know about him before this whole debacle. Zack is such a more rugged, radical way to go about spelling a name that predates the New Testament. It’s high time we stop fooling around and kick these non-K Zachs to the curb once and for all. Get with the times or get left in the past.