A Ridiculous Comeback And An Insane Dunk Means One Thing - DOWN GOES NO. 1 BAYLOR

What a fucking game. I'm legit stunned by Texas Tech. Don't get me wrong, Mark Adams has always been a hell of a coach, especially with the no-middle defense, but following up the win vs Kansas with this? Absurd. Even more when you realize they were down 15 points on the road to the best team in the country. Pretty ridiculous for any team to come back from that. But that's where that no-middle defense comes into play and having Kevin McCullar out there helped. Balanced effort, McCullar has 12 off the bench. Obanor and Williams had 13. Nadolny had 11. But Adonis Arms had 14, including these two. 

Legit one of the best dunks we'll see this year at any level because of everything involved. The drive, spin, poster? All that in a two-point game on the road with a minute to go? Ridiculous man. Sure, we can even look past some of the mistakes Tech made late, because look at the defense here to win it. 

Akinjo gets him on the skates there for a second Santos-Silva recovers and the dig by Davion Warren is perfect. PERFECT. Texas Tech's defense is just a clinic man. That's all the no-middle and just buying in. Then you get all the rotations and Baylor barely gets a shot off. 

We're getting a ton of upsets so far this year in college hoops and it just means we're going to get mayhem in March. Welcome to the season folks.