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Grading Big Cat's Parenting Ability Based On His Handling Of This Morning's Kerfuffle At HQ

As the longest tenured Podfather here at Barstool, I felt it was my duty to break down the top notch parenting Dad Cat when all hell broke loose at the giant playpen we call HQ.  First off, being the person Big T looked to for answers established that Dan was the father figure at the office, as his years of hard work and doing whatever is necessary for the company (Read: Pissing himself on camera to mark his territory) has clearly cemented him as an Alpha on the content floor.

Next, his messaging was perfect. “It didn’t hit you, what can we do?" is exactly what any good dad would say in a situation like this. Dads aren't ones to take sides or give out punishment. They are just there to make sure nobody actually sends someone else to the Emergency Room. I have personally said that line multiple times to my daughter after my son attempted to hit her with toys, books, and many other non-lethal objects (along with maybe a few lethal ones). If I punished my son for every time he attempted to hurt my daughter, he would be spending his entire life in Timeout since we pretty much have a reverse Wednesday-Pugsley relationship here at the Casa de Clem.

Finally, Big Cat moving to diffuse the situation once it threatened to turn physical is where he truly earned his Dad Card if he hadn't already earned it twice over at a local New York hospital. The speed in which a man in his mid-30s fresh off a late night stream with no excitement about what's for lunch because he is dieting moved to keep things under control was nothing short of extraordinary, even though people forget he won (or didn't lose) the first ever Barstool Combine.

If all that wasn't enough, hearing Big Cat bark like a big dog as he put on his dad voice on to keep everyone in line while also not taking sides in the matter was Fathering 101 on par with anything I ever saw on Full House, which clearly resonates more than ever right now. Finally, his ability to keep everyone separated with impeccable. As the saying goes, like father like son.

Big Cat needed to do what had to be done to keep everyone in line until the power broker of the house dealt out punishment, which was handled a few hours later.

FINAL DAD GRADE: A+. Big Cat is just as good at parenting as he is at making content and picking Games of the Year (where he is 2-0 this year).

Thank you for reading. We'll now send it to last week's Podfathers episode since this week's comes out tomorrow (click to listen/subscribe on your favorite podcasting site or app).