After Sleeping On It, I Finally Found The One And Only Reason The Giants Should Bring Back Joe Judge

Joe Judge sucks. We've been pretty vocal about that on this here website. That said, I finally irrationally agreed to bring him back as head coach of the New York football Giants. Why? It's simple. 

Joe Judge is the right man to lead the Giants to a 3-14 record, if not worse. This team stinks. We haven't drafted correctly in forever it feels like and another year of sucking is the perfect mix. I have zero faith in this franchise right now. Why would I? I also understand that Alabama quarterbacks don't have the greatest history of success in recent times in the NFL. I don't care. Bryce Young is awesome. 

I have a feeling the Giants are going to be in the quarterback market. I think it's a bit unfair to truly judge Daniel Jones 100% yet since, you know, he's had 0 offensive line and injuries and all that. I just don't buy him completely as a franchise quarterback, especially after a rookie contract. It's okay to cut ties - looking at exactly what the Giants need to do with Saquon Barkley. 

I still hate this franchise because they have ruined enjoying football for me. But if Joe Judge is going to somehow stick around another year, he needs to do the right thing. Coach the same way. Fuck up timeouts. Fuck up play calling. Fuck up when to punt and when to go for it. Help the Giants get Bryce Young and then fire his ass. We're still a year away and I'm getting addicted to Bryce Young as a Giant. I've officially been around Browns fans far too long in my life.