The Great Debate: Was Stetson Bennett Hungover Or Was Stetson Bennett Still Drunk?

White and gold dress or black and blue? Laurel or yanny? Still drunk or hungover? Some all-time debates throughout the course of human history. 

By now you've all seen Stetson Bennett have to pay the ultimate price for winning the big game. It ain't all cigars and victory beers. Because in a way that only the NCAA can do, they'll take you from the highest moment of your life to shoving your ass off a cliff straight down to a pit of misery while kicking you in the nuts the whole way down in a matter of 7 hours. The fact that these kids have to get up the next morning and talk to a nationally televised audience after a night full of partying their ass off is cruel, it is unusual, and it's just the type of evil you'd expect from the NCAA. 

But now we must figure out which it is. Was Stetson Bennett still drunk or was he hungover? Part of me believes the answer isn't that simple. 



You see, he admitted that he was able to get "not many" hours of sleep last night. But not many is still more than zero. Which means that at some point he took a break from the celebrations to rest his eyes for a bit. Right away that puts you in the danger zone for a hangover creeping in. And one of the hardest things you can do whilst hungover is string a few words together that formulate a sentence. Or at the very least, a loosely structured thought. Stetson Bennett is in no position to do such thing here. Right from the jump, I'm leaning towards the hangover. 

Then you get to the ramble portion of the interview. Talking about life being hard, having to bet on yourself, thinking even for one moment that he'd be able to remember everybody else's name besides Michael Strahan. That is quintessential late night drunk rambling. The type of drunk that makes you feel like every word you are speaking is the most important word to be said in human history. That's not a hangover, baby. That man is still hammered. 

Still though, it's a little too close to call for me. I'd say the answer falls somewhere in the middle. Maybe not quite fully hungover yet but becoming dangerously close to kicking in. Especially when you add in the fact that he was getting blasted in the face with that TV light. That shit can blind you even if you're stone cold sober. I can only imagine the headache that poor fella was dealing with the whole minute 28 he was up there. But yeah. I'm not trying to take the easy route out here but just like the dress debate, I think it's both.