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Cops Used Social Media Pictures From The 'Tiger King's' Hot Nanny To Arrest Her For Allegedly Stealing A $5,000 Candelabra

[TMZ] - Masha Diduk, AKA Jeff Lowe's hot nanny from "Tiger King," may have taken the idea of "Sin City" a little too literal ... she was arrested for stealing a candelabra worth $5k from a Vegas nightclub, TMZ has learned.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ ... back in July, security at the Wynn hotel in Vegas watched surveillance footage showing a woman pilfering a candelabra from a private dining room in a club on the property. Moments later she was seen leaving the casino, wearing it on her forearm like an accessory.

But, what happened in Vegas that night didn't stay under wraps. Security was able to get the name on the ticket the suspect used to valet her car as well as the license plate. And, after some social media digging they were able to match Masha's posts to the suspect in the security footage.

I know a candelabra is different than a candle, but it's basically a candle. Some bullshit the e is before the l in candelabra and we can't just call it a big candle. That's basically what it is. Now back to the story here, why? That's my main question. You're a hot nanny for the second most famous Jeff Lowe out there. I'd like to see this Jeff Lowe host The Dozen and deal with everyone yelling about rules. I don't think so. It's also only $5,000. We're not talking about the most expensive thing in the world. I don't mean to turn my nose up at that, but that's not steal something worthy. It's put it on my credit card and I'll pay it off type money. 

Here's the real life lesson here. It's not don't steal shit. It's if you're going to steal shit, especially if you're a hot chick, don't post clues on social media. It's the first place people look. Doesn't matter if it's cops, girlfriends of ex-boyfriends, fans, whatever. People immediately think to go to social media to see if you're dumb enough to post something. Masha Diduk - a person who has to be hot with that name - apparently did not learn that lesson. 

What exactly do you do with a candelabra though? I've never once thought, hey, I need that for my house. It's just so low on the list of shit worth stealing. Some sick posters and wall decoration? Sure. I'll listen to that argument. But a giant candle holder? Absolutely not. You don't need that many candles in a house, I promise you. Anywho, here's the hot nanny.