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Hey Tiko Gang, Happy New Year. I hope 2022 has been damn good to you so far. I wanted to let y'all check out the newest episode of The Tiko Ten, my podcast with Barstool. SUBSCRIBE now to be first in the know. I asked ChickenFry to be on the Tiko Ten because we're so similar. She's a bad-ass in her own right, and pack out a party crazy. She can chug a bottle of vodka better than the fellas, and her cool, chill demeanor can win over anyone. She's a merch machine, and why not? Her simple yet creative designs are dope, and her fan base is solid. She's a force to be reckoned with. But beyond that, She's transparent and that's what we love the most about it. She genuinely shows herself to the world. Her best friend O'Malley is super funny and I wanted to give her some shine since she just got hired freelance at Barstool. so I also invited her to come on as well. ChickenFry is one of my favorites at Barstool because she's similar to me in the way that we both keep our core friends close, and are more humble than others that have let this clout and fame get to their head. Brianna understands that she's just Bri, at the end of the day. Just like Im just me. Just like you're just you. This chat was enlightening, funny, and personal. I got to know them better, they got to know me better. We played a dicey game of Truth Or Shot after the interview, and ended up all catching a super vibe. Great vibes, Great energy. If this first episode of THE TIKO TEN is setting the vibe for 2022, then im so ready for the rest of the year to continue.