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Can't Lie, It Seems Like Bullshit To Arrest These Georgia Fans For Just Trying To Celebrate On The Field With Their Team

I like to think I'm a reasonable man. I try to see both sides before I make my decision. That's what I did here. Georgia fans ran on the field, juked security and just wanted to celebrate with their team. Some think it might be moronic, but I say otherwise for this specific scenario. We're talking Georgia football. We're talking one of the most tortured yet somehow successful programs in the country. But it's been 42 years since a title. That's a grown ass man's life.

My rule here is simple. If they can juke the first line of security and just stand there to party, let them. It takes a special type of athlete to be this sort of drunk and maneuver around correctly. If you can sprint, break a tackle and dap up Stetson Bennett, let them. It might be once in a lifetime here! I'd argue these guys are less of a problem than this:

It's still somewhat jarring to me that the current college champs are Georgia football and Baylor basketball. Doesn't sound right. Two programs that were always deemed can't win the big one. Georgia consistently losing to Alabama, Baylor consistently losing in the Elite Eight. Now here we are and Baylor is back to No. 1 in the country and Georgia is going to be a favorite next season. We have Georgia fans out here cumming themselves on video in a living room that a Chicago garage would be jealous of. 

 My point being, let the boys party. Have a damn week Georgia.