What's the Best Type of Wild Game to Eat?

One of the best parts about harvesting your own meat is knowing where it comes from! Venison is one of my favorite types of wild game to clean and eat. Although my grandpa has given me some fresh red stag salami and that stuff is the absolute bomb! This year was my first time ever trying Country Bob's Marinade and I absolutely swear by it! I now marinade my venison for about four hours, put it it some flour, and plop it right in the grease. It's my absolute favorite. 

When harvesting a deer we typically like to quarter out the deer, so we'll have the freshly cut back straps, hind quarters, and front shoulders. There are also parts of the deer that are delicious as well, including the neck meat, ribs, and more! After cleaning the deer we'll hang the meat in the cooler for about 4 - 7 days at about 40 degrees. This allows the meat to age, which ultimately will allow it to become more tender!

This video below shows off the freshly cut pieces!

The best thing about today is that if you do not know how to properly clean a specific animal, there's definitely someone on Youtube who probably does and can help you out. I've learned how to clean the majority of the animals i've harvested by either Youtube or my dad / grandpa. I still have a lot to learn, so I am constantly asking for advice or watching videos of others cleaning their kill.