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The Golden Globe Winners And Where To Stream Them

If you remember my last Golden Globes blog, then you know that actors don't care much about them and neither do I. But I don't mind using them as an excuse to talk about some of my favorite TV shows and movies. Let's take a look at the winners!


Supporting Actors - Sarah Snook(Succession) | O Yeong-su(Squid Game)

Snook was solid in Succession, but I think that what Kaitlyn Dever did in 'Dopesick' was so much more impressive. As someone who is familiar with addiction, I think she did such a good job humanizing addicts in what must have been a crazy difficult performance for any actor. O had some pretty stiff competition in Kieran Culkin, but I think it was a no brainer. He had one of the single most moving TV scenes of the year in the marble scene. 

Succession is on HBO Max, Squid Game is on Netflix)

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Best Actors(Miniseries) - Michael Keaton(Dopesick) | Kate Winslet(Mare of Easttown) 

Keaton was my number 1 this year and he didn't really have stiff competition. Just like with Dever, he did a great job portraying every side of addiction. Winslet was also a no brainer. When prestige actors try to play grubby, regular people, it's basically impossible to rub off that luster. Winslet did just that, though. 

Dopesick is on Hulu, Mare is on HBO Max

Best Actors(Musical/Comedy) - Jason Sudeikis(Ted Lasso) | Jean Smart(Hacks)

I think this season of Ted Lasso wasn't as strong as the last, but that wasn't on Sudeikis. I think Hoult had the better and more difficult individual performance but I don't have a major complaint with that. Smart was my pick all the way on the other side. After all the great supporting work she has done over the past few years, it was so great to see her get a crack at the limelight and absolutely nail it. 

Ted Lasso is on AppleTV+, Hacks is on HBO Max

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Best Actors(Drama): Jeremy Strong(Succession) | Mj Rodriguez(Pose)

Strong had a powerhouse performance, but I still think that Lee Jung-jae had a tougher job & delivered on the same if not a better level than him. It's really a Sosa-McGwire type deal, though. I didn't feel like the actress field was particularly strong this year, but Rodriguez did a great job and her portrayal obviously meant a lot to a lot of different people. 

Succession is on HBO Max, Pose is on Netflix

Best Miniseries  - The Underground Railroad 

In my predictions, I thought that this was Dopesicks to lose with only Mare and Underground Railroad being in the conversation. It's a solid show, but it's not one I'm raving to recommend to anyone like I did with Dopesick.

This is streaming on Prime Video 

 Best Drama - Succession | Best Musical/Comedy - Hacks 

I think the first two seasons of Succession are untouchable, but this season was just not on the same level as Squid Game. Hacks, though, was such an easy win. Really damn sharp, super funny and has some incredible performances. 

Succession is on HBO Max, as is Hacks 

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Best Animated Movie - Encanto 

I thought that Flee was the easy bait for this, but Encanto was very fun. The Mitchells vs the Machines is probably the best actual animated movie, but Encanto stands out against the rest of the movies that were nominated. 

Encanto is on Disney+ 

Best Original Score - Hans Zimmer(Dune)

I still think Game of Thrones alum Ramin Djawadi deserves more love for his score in 'Eternals', which was arguably the best in the MCU. Dune's sound mixing is partially what made the movie so good, but I was not totally really thrilled with the actual soundtrack. As a Zimmer hype club executive, it was hard to come to terms with. BUT, among those actually nominated, it was probably the best. 

Dune will probably return to HBO Max at some point in the next few months. 

Best Screenplay - Belfast(Kenneth Branagh)

This was sort of a surprise. I really liked Belfast, but I don't think its the screenplay that made it what it was. I would definitly say that about Being the Ricardos, though. That script was classically Sorkin razor sharp but without some of the out-of-touch political talk in his previous work. I'm also suprised that Licorice Pizza didn't get in, but thats also not a huge deal .

Belfast is available to rent on Apple and Amazon

Best Director - Jane Campion(The Power of the Dog)

The Power of the Dog was a beautiful movie, but not a great movie. It is basically powered by cool scenery shots and an awesome performance by Benedict Cumberbatch. I think if you boil down the actual job of a director, what Spielberg did with West Side Story is way more impressive. Stepping into shoes that beloved and making something as perfectly organized as that remake was not only impressive, but it also bucked his decade long trend of snoozers. 

The Power of the Dog is on Netflix 

Supporting Actors: Kodi Smit-McPhee(The Power of the Dog) | Ariana DeBose(West Side Story)

I still don't get the love for Smit-McPhee. He was perfectly fine, but nothing he did in that movie stood out to me as impressive or difficult. I think Ciaran Hinds contributed way more to Belfast, and acted almost like the heart of that movie towards the end. On the other side, I was all in for DeBose or Caitriona Balfe. DeBose was easily the best individual part of West Side Story and brought the most emotion to the story. 

The Power of the Dog is on Netflix, West Side Story should be back on HBO Max within a few months. 

Best Actors(Musical/Comedy): Andrew Garfield(tick, tick…BOOM!) | Rachel Zegler(West Side Story)

I don't like either of these as winners. Garfield was the best part of a mid movie, but I don't think what he did in that role is even remotely as impressive as Ramos in In the Heights, Hoffman in Licorice Pizza, or even DiCaprio in Don't Look Up. Zegler was about as good a Maria as there possibly could be, but again, I don't think her performance is comparable as far as difficulty and enjoyability as Alana Haim's in Licorice Pizza. They were both rookie performances, and Haim gave a lot more depth to a WAY more demanding director. 

tick, tick…BOOM! is on Netflix, and WSS will probably be back on HBO Max in a few months.

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Best Actors(Drama): Will Smith(King Richard) | Nicole Kidman(Being the Ricardos)

I think both of these are spot on. Smith is what makes King Richard a good movie, and Kidman delivered maybe her career best in Being the Ricardos. The only other actors I would consider are Stewart in Spencer or Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog. 

King Richard will probably be back on HBO Max in a few months. Being the Ricardos is on Prime video.

Best Drama: The Power of the Dog 

Again, I just don't see the hype in this movie. It does a number of things very well, but it is not a revelation. I would have given this to Quo vadis Aida?, Belfast, CODA, King Richard, Mass, The Green Knight, or even a different Cumberbatch banger, the Courier. Just one of those movies that is nice to appreciate for the art form but not one that stands out as the best of the year. 

The Power of the Dog is on Netflix 

Best Musical or Comedy: West Side Story 

This was about as easy a winner as there could be. Nobody else was really close to the same tier as West Side Story and I am still blown away but what Spielberg did with that movie. 

This will be back on HBO Max at some point in the next few months. 

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