Kentucky Basketball Could Barely Keep Their Composure To Kick Georgia's Ass Thanks To Miss USA Showing Up

This picture is the new version of this: 

Juan Ocampo. Getty Images.

Whew. It's a minor miracle that Kentucky was able to even step on the court and dominate Georgia. Not every day you have Miss USA - a UK grad by the way - step on the court and be the Y. 

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

Just an unbelievable tweet from Oscar, but can't be surprised. The man is a menace. He's the leading rebounder in the country, putting up numbers we haven't seen at this level in a long, long time. Say what you want, 15 rebounds per game is wild. Speaking of numbers, welcome to the big leagues TyTy Washington. 

And now we found the secret.

But back to the important issue. Getting their composure after Miss USA. She was a good sport about it. 

Already won Miss USA, now it's time to win a national title with it. School of champions.