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The 2021 Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl Was Canceled... Until Coach Duggs Saved The Day

It was devastating when the 2021 Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl was canceled. You think of the players who were robbed of one last chance to show off their skills this season. You think of the bowl committee who worked their tails off year-round for this one event. You think of all of the behind the scenes folks who had all these awesome ideas ready to go for our company's first ever football broadcast.

But unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be this year... until Coach Duggs got involved. Big Cat brushed the dust off the video game console and brought the three-time National Champion out of retirement for one game and one game only on New Year's Eve.

I was supposed to call the game in Tucson with Dave and Big Cat, but still voiced over the video game version of this thriller. Luckily, they were able to import the real rosters for both teams, so fortunately, the prep was still good for this one. 


Can't wait for the 2022 Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl!