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BREAKING: The Winning College Football National Championship Pick Is In

Alabama catching 3 points is the play tonight. Some of you might say, “If you love Alabama so much, why not just take the moneyline.” My answer to that is go for it but I’m all in on Alabama +3  because I think it’s gonna be a very close game and I’d rather have the 3 points as insurance when the moneyline is only in the +112 - +120 range. Don’t wanna play around not taking the points when I’ve got a dime on the spread. Gotta keep the laser focus on the main task at hand. No reason to get cute on the moneyline. 

Alabama‘s strength is throwing the football. Georgia has a great defense but the weakest part of that defense is without question the secondary. Alabama was able to exploit that in the first matchup and I think to some degree they’ll be able to do it again. Do I think they’ll score 41 on them in a blowout again? No definitely not. But I do think they’re gonna be able to move the ball quite a bit again. Michigan walked into a buzzsaw trying to run the ball against Georgia‘s front seven. They didn‘t have the athletes/QB to compete on the outside and make plays. Alabama does not have that problem. The Alabama defense is also significantly better than Michigans and will absolutely not allow Georgia to score on them the way they did to Michigan. People are drinking the Georgia kool-aid again a little too much in my opinion. 

Alabama has the offensive edge, Georgia has the defensive edge, but most importantly Alabama has the coaching edge and the “knowing how to win the big one” edge. Listen, I get that every team doesn’t get over the hump until they do. Clemsoning was a thing for years until they got over the hump and won multiple national championships. Georgia has been so close so many times but always falls short…. to Alabama. Since Kirby Smart has went to Georgia he’s lost all 4 matchups to Alabama/Nick Saban straight up. Nick Saban as an underdog is 6-3-1 ATS at Alabama. I love when betting on Nick Saban when people doubt him. I love betting on Nick Saban when he has extra time to prepare for a game. The world wants to see Nick Saban lose so badly because they’re sick of seeing him and Alabama win national championship after national championship. Hell, in my perfect world Georgia wins this game by 2. I just mentally can’t get behind Georgia in this game. If they win and cover, god bless them. To me this game is about who I can trust and I feel much safer with my money behind Nick Sabin and the Crimson Tide so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and hammering Alabama +3. If you want to fade me, fade me at your own risk. Your boy is up almost 35 units betting college football this year. Women lie, men lie and numbers don‘t. When it comes to betting college football I win bitches, and that’s a motherfucking fact.