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Brian Griffin Is The Best TV/Movie Dog Of All Time And That's Just A FACT


This was a FUN episode of The Dog Walk, mostly because I'm a huge dog guy. Love me a good dog, be it a real version or an animated version. But obviously I like some dogs more than others. For me, my dog Ace is the best dog on earth on top of being the most photogenic:


But he unfortunately wasn't eligible for this draft, otherwise he would have been the clear cut #1 pick. Instead, I had to go with the next best dog to ever grace the world with his presence - Brian Griffin:

Giphy Images.

Brian is perfect. He's a loyal friend. He's smart. He's cunning. He's a little perverted but not too perverted. Just a guy who loves him a set of big busty tits. Enjoys responsibly gambling on the Barstool Sportsbook. Loves to get sloshed with the fellas at the drunken clam. A good dad. He's man's best friend. There isn't another dog that's ever seen time on the big screen or small screen that's more well rounded than Brian Griffin. That's not a subjective opinion, that's just a fact.

This podcast went off the rails quickly. Big Cat joined us and the first 20 mins were us bitching about Chicago sports teams and other shit. Nevertheless this was the most fun I've had personally recording a snake draft in a few weeks. 

Let's ride!