Clay Aiken (From American Idol) Is...Running For Congress

Clay Aiken's singing voice made him famous in 2003 when America's votes carried him to the finals of the popular TV show "American Idol." Nearly 20 years later, Aiken says his voice has another purpose, and Monday the North Carolina native is launching a second bid to represent his home state in Congress. "North Carolina is the place where I first discovered that I had a voice and that it was a voice that could be used for more than singing," Aiken says in a video announcing his candidacy.

Unlike in his first political campaign, Aiken, 43, a Democrat, is emphasizing his bid to become the first openly gay member of Congress from the South. In his announcement, he argues that the "loudest voices" in his home state's politics have become "white nationalists" and "homophobes," adding: "It's not just North Carolina. There's a Marjorie [Taylor Greene] in Georgia and a Lauren [Boebert] in Colorado, and these folks are taking up all the oxygen in the room, and I'm going to tell you I am sick of it." Aiken says that has motivated him to step forward again: "As Democrats, we have got to get better about speaking up and using our voices, because those folks ain't quieting down any time soon."

Okay first of all, I've got to brush up on my Clay Aiken knowledge clearly because I had no idea he's run for Congress before? I also want it clear that I don't care about this in a political way at all - I have no idea if he's qualified, if he'd be good, if he should win - I know nothing. What I do know, is that having Clay Aiken represent the state of North Carolina is exactly what the state needs. Everyone loves Clay. Nicest guy ever. Total nerd on American Idol in 2003, came out as gay a few years later, moms across the nation love him to death. This reminds me of that movie with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis "The Campaign" - Clay is Zach.

A genuine person who is wanting to help out his community. I can't help but laugh solely because all I think about when I see Clay is him always crying on stage on American Idol. Ruben Studdard beat him out, but they were so sweet to each other all the way until the end. Back when American Idol was must-watch TV, a simpler time. I hope Clay gets to do what he wants to do. Just seems like a good guy. 

If you don't cry over Clay's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" you don't have a soul.