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Matthew Stafford Blames The Rams Collapse On 'The Tough Environment' 49ers Fans Created. The Rams Played At Home.

What a brutal, brutal sentence by Stafford here. It's honestly a bit embarrassing. It's not like the Rams stink. It's not like they are even that new. They've been in LA for years now, that's not even including the break when they went to St. Louis. The Rams *should* have a fanbase but LA fans don't give a shit about LA football teams unless Reggie Bush and LenDale White are running around. 

Not only that, but they are playing the 49ers. That's a division rival! This is playoff seeding and letting the 49ers in the playoffs game. This should be filled with Rams fans. Again, they are good! They have a front office that doesn't believe in the salary cap and the draft. They are willing to go out and try to win now. It's awesome. I'm jealous of that. I've lived through the Odell experience, maybe not that so much. But Von Miller? He seems awesome to cheer for. 


Here's the thing though. You can't say it this way if you're Stafford. It's a fine line, but you need to do a better job passive aggressively calling out the fans. Keep harping on it. RT how Lions fans go crazy for a team that is picking 2nd overall. 

Or have your wife toss a pretzel at someone's face again.