If You Aren't Excited for Alabama-Georgia, You're a Dullard

Tonight, we all get to watch the two best teams in college football square off for a second time in a little over a month, this time for all the marbles. The haters and losers, of which there are many, will spend all day bitching and complaining this game doesn't feature an inferior team, simply because they're tired of seeing Alabama and the SEC take over the biggest stage every season. This is because they are stupid people.

Even in an era of college football when the same four or five teams are head and shoulders better than the competition every year, I don't remember the last time when the two best teams were this clear-cut and there wasn't even a close third. Just because they both happen to be from the SEC and have played each other already doesn't mean this shouldn't be the matchup in the national championship. We gave Michigan and Cincinnati their chances to be here and neither of them made it to the second quarter with a realistic shot.

This game features the Heisman Trophy winner, three of the four best defensive players in the country and the Nos. 4 and 8 scoring offenses in college football. Not to mention one coach looking to extend possibly the greatest dynasty in the history of the sport against his protégé trying to finally get over the hump and bring Georgia its first national title since 1980. If this game doesn't get you excited, you just don't like college football very much.

I hate the two teams playing in this game more than just about anything or anyone on the planet and I'm still excited to watch it. If you're not fired up as a neutral observer, you're just being intentionally obtuse because you have a vendetta against a conference that gets all the best players and ends up with both of the teams in the national title game. I wish Georgia and Alabama weren't as good as they are, too, but that's the way it is.

Everyone with a brain understands these are the two teams who should be here and this game is going to be awesome.