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5 Words That Can Save The NHL: More Rally Monkey Puck Drops

The NHL is in a pretty good spot right now. There are still legendary players in the game like Crosby and Ovechkin. But there has been a flood of young talent which will carry the league for another 10 years to come. Each year the league seems to be getting younger and more skilled. They got a few new broadcasting deals, the TNT show kicks ass. Aside from some things that are more or less out of the league's control, everything seems to be going well. But just like anything else in life, it could always be better. 

Easiest way to turn the NHL into the most watched product on television? Easiest way to get new eyes on the game? Pretty simple, actually. All it takes is more rally monkey, and here's how it happens. 

You draw people to the game with a Rally Monkey ceremonial puck drop. That'll get the new viewers in the door, and his perfect form speaks for itself. 

Alright so now you have the eyeballs, but you need to figure out a way to keep their attention. Again, pretty simple. Just get a nice little tilt going at some point during the first few minutes of the game. The Detroit Red Wings love to drop the mitts this year, so they're the perfect team to have around here. 

Solid scrap from a couple of big boys. So now you got their eyes, you have their attention, all that's left to do is to capture their heart. That's when you hit the new viewers with all the skill the NHL has to offer, like this game winner in the shootout from Ricky Rakell. 

The key to it all? Rally monkey.