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40-Year Old Big Man Soccer Player Breaks Out One Of The Greatest Goal Celebrations You'll Eyes Will See

Big man touchdown celebrations are out. Big man soccer goals celebrations are in. We all know there are very few things more enjoyable than a big man touchdown. You see a fat guy checking as an eligible receiver and get a little giddy. You hope that you see them leaking out on a delayed screen or a delayed cross. Then the moment happens and the ball hangs in the air.Sure, you get the spike after the reception or maybe a little moment of glory. What you don't get? A shimmy before a dog pile. This is why Adebayo Akinfenwa breaking this out after the Wanderers tied it up in the 98th minute should be celebrated. No more Ronaldo Sii celebration. No more sliding on your knees. Big man, who some think might be too old to still be playing, shimmying and dog piling only. Gotta feel for the guy who he bounced off of too. That's a bad break to be sitting there before you get frog splashed like Eddie Guerrero (RIPIP). 

Great humor about it all too: