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Brandon Staley Broke the Trust So The Tie Did Not Occur: Prisoners' Dilemma

It happened. It happened and the exact situation where it became so minuscule. 

The Raiders had a chance to end it in a tie, but there was one fatal mistake. 

The chargers took a timeout at :38 seconds left in overtime. 

That is when the trust was broken. 

The strategy changed after that time out. 

The Raiders were put in the position where they thought the Chargers were competing to win. So they competed to win. They did not want to be put in a situation where they thought they were the sucker. No one wants to be the sucker. 

So they competed to win. I want to know if there was any communication between both teams whether they were going to kneel or not. It was a great day to watch football, and a great way to see a form of the prisoners' dilemma happen in real-time. I hope some econ teacher captures some young minds by using this example.