PFT Commenter and I Will Be Driving to the Superbowl

Well after 18 weeks of picks we finally have the two losers. It is me and PFT.

Look I am pretty excited about the trip, even though I am technically the worst picker on PMT for the 2021 season, I still was about .500 and that was with choosing the Jets as underdogs about 12 times. 

Now that it is set in stone, we have from Wednesday to Sunday to get from NYC to LA and I am trying to find the best route to take with the parameters we are given. 

The first choice we need to make is whether we go through Chicago or St. Louis. Chicago would take us through Nebraska and Iowa, but at this time of year, I honestly would feel more comfortable going south through Missouri and Oklahoma. 

Look I have driven through Iowa and Nebraska before and I loved it the first time, but I much rather see what's happening in Missouri and Oklahoma with New Mexico and Arizona. I have never personally driven through the desert, so I think it would definitely be a cool experience. 

The next decision would be how to chop up the trip. I am thinking NYC- St. Louis, St. Louis-Oklahoma city, then OKC-Albuquerque, then Albuquerque-L.A. All of those trips average around 15 hours a day. I am a road warrior and will be running off of crisis fuel. Crisis fuel is specifically chocolate milk and Redbull which is the perfect balance of protein and nutrients needed to be efficient across the country. 

Now one of the biggest challenges of the road trip will be switching the height of the car seat and mirrors every time PFT and I switch off driving.

Also, what do I pack for the road trip? There are a bunch of obvious ones, like dip, burts bees etc. But if you had to pack something no one usually thinks of on a cross-country road trip what would it be? Toilet paper might be a sneaky good one. Sound off in the comments. 

Also if this gets moved to Dallas this is a no-brainer drive to Nashville, Nashville to New Orleans, New Orleans to Dallas.

Would be an epic time.