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BREAKING: The New York Giants Have Fired Joe Judge

Shout out to the Giants for waiting to do this and it dropping right as I was cooking dinner for the family. Luckily I wrote Judge's Giants obituary on Sunday night since this seemed like it was inevitable other than the fact the Giants ownership has donkey brains, which in typical fashion let this charade drag on for wayyyyy too long. Keep doing your thing, John!

It's crazy that Joe Judge went from a guy without a Wikipedia page that millions of Giants fans had never heard of before he got hired, to the seemingly one bright spot of the franchise after things seemed to start turning around at the end of last season, to out in less than two years flat. What a fucking ride that was. Jesus Christ.

Earlier in the season, I thought Judge deserved a chance to come back without someone who is regarded as the worst GM in the sport choosing his players and an awwwwwful offensive coordinator that was allegedly thrown in his lap by ownership that was clearly the weak link of the team during Judge's tenure. But between some of the worst clock management and cowardly play calls I have seen in my life, it's hard to believe the guy whose team did this could take the Giants to a Super Bowl.

Now the Giants will have a new GM who can pick his coach and build this disgraceful franchise from the scorched ground up while being on the same "schedule" as his coach, so we can finally put that narrative to bed. The craziest part of all this is that Judge's entire schtick was about accountability and culture, but it seems like the culture in the locker room he talked so much about wanted his ass out of town.

I ran a hell of a lot of laps for that man without a playoff appearance let alone a winning season as the same players who we were told would be held accountable for their bad play kept getting wheeled out week after week after having their shit pushed in. So I say this from the bottom of my soul, I am thrilled I no longer have to run laps for what was essentially no fucking reason at all and even gained wait since his entire tenure happened to take place during a depressing pandemic where we were locked inside.

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I'll also never forgive Coach Judge for causing me to lose a GREAT beach football

Finally, whether it's fair or not, this will go down as the defining play of Joe Judge's Giants career. As puzzling as it was cowardly, no matter how terrible that talent on the team was.

At least we'll always have the mud slide…

As for coaches I want the Giants to hire, I'm sure some names will be floated sooner rather than later. Again, hiring a GM for the lame duck asshole we knew was fired for weeks would have helped the Giants get a jump on everyone else. But I'm an old school Giants fan that loves guys cut from the Parcells cloth so I'd be happy with a Mike Zimmer, any person with the last name Harbaugh, or Bill Cowher just to bring his name back in the mix for the first time in forever since I always loved hearing those rumors. I mean I did see him speaking to Eli Manning a week ago…

I'd also be thrilled with more realistic names like Brian Daboll, Brian Flores, and pretty much any other good football coach with the first name Brian to be honest. I'm not sold on Bryan with a Y however.

Wow this is all so exciting. A new GM AND head coach. Maybe the Giants actually are going to change a little!

Okay probably not but just let me enjoy this since I just ran my last laps.